We offer repair, clean, and adjust mechanisms of timing instruments for all watches. We also repair or replace broken, damaged, or worn parts on timepieces, using lathes, drill presses, and hand tools.

Did a diamond fall out of your favorite wedding ring? We can fix that! Since the diamonds are not glued to the band, but held by a physical force of a prong or a channel, it is possible that with the effect of daily wear and tear the prongs might get loose and the diamond may fall out. Stop & Fix will replace any side stone diamonds on your wedding band

Due to everyday wear and tear your glasses can become loose, crooked or out of alignment. Stop & Fix can repair all types of repairs on all types of glasses. We know the values of glasses that you had invested in and our professional staff will help you get your glasses back in shape. Our technicians can perform all types of repairs, with the most common repairs such as: Lens Replacements, Metal Frames Repairs, Plastic Frames Repairs, Screw replacements, and Scratch Removals.

Even if you don't wear your pearls often, we recommend that you have your pearls restrung every year.